Akram Mohammad

I,Dr.Akram Mohammad, have received my academic training from Aligarh Muslim University, India  and conducted research at institutions of high academic ranking Health Canada, University of Ottawa,Carleton University, WHO – FAO (World Health Organization- Food and Agriculture Organization), Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow India, Industrial Toxicology Research Center, Lucknow, India, Ministry of Agriculture and water, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  and Qassim University, Saudi Arabia . I have invented/developed new method / technique in Health Canada lab: A new type of flow-through diffusion cell for the toxicological determination of in-vitro human skin absorption of chemicals. I have research experience in cardiac electro physiology, ion transport across membrane, dermal toxicology, pesticide residue and chemical analysis from plant, soil and water, DNA extraction, cell culture and saliva analysis for early diagnosis method for cancer. My present work with Prof.  Robert Jack Cornett, aims to develop new strategies for analysis and quantification of radio-Isotopes  Tc-99 applying Accelerator Mass Spectrometry ( Lalonde AMS) in Advance Research Complex, uOttawa.  I have experience in research, teaching, editing, writing, accreditation and administration. I want to do research for Science, Society and humanity.