Program Details


The goal of CREATE-REACT program is to provide professional training and practical employer ready skills to students to meet the needs of the chemical, natural resources, laboratory service and consulting industries, and the regulatory agencies.

Program Components

Seven distinct program components have been designed to specifically enhance knowledge and professional skills and abilities of the students. Trainees will participate, in part or in all the components of the program in addition to their regular research/thesis and course work requirements of their program. All seven components are mandatory for PhD trainees. 

  1. Mandatory Core Course;
  2. Advanced Specialized Courses;
  3. Summer School;
  4. Research Day;
  5. Work Placement;
  6. Mandatory Professional Development;
  7. International Collaborations

In addition, CREATE-REACT trainees are expected to conduct their thesis work in one of these areas of research:

  • Effects of in-situ and surface mining methods of oil sands extraction on Canadian ecosystems;
  • Environmental changes and Northern ecosystems;
  • New tools for assessment of new and existing chemicals.