Summer School & Research Day

The summer school and research day components are mandatory for all CREATE trainees. Attendance is also open to up to 10 undergraduate students per year. 

Summer School:

Each year, the cohort of CREATE students will attend this week-long event to obtain intensive training in selected topics (to be decided each year by the Program Committee). Each year, mixed pedagogical methods, including instructional seminars, case studies, field work, interdisciplinary group work, etc. with learning-centred evaluation tools will be used for the training. Groups of 5-6 students from different disciplines will work in teams on the development of scientific tools for regulatory purposes, tackling assignments/tasks to solve real-life problems faced by the industry with initial emphasis on the resources sector. Through problem solving, the students will also learn to understand and work with key ethical principles and concepts. A field trip component will also be included; e.g., a site-visit to the Suncor Project in 2015 and to the National Wildlife Research Centre in 2016.


Research Day:

At the end of the Summer School, all students have the opportunity to network with future employers in an annual Research Day. The students must present their project results and to adapt their message to different audiences for public outreach purposes. Half of the day will focus on multidisciplinary research and the second half will focus on management and professional skills training. We will involve key members of the Business and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to the OECD as well as government regulatory policy makers to provide career advice to students.