Work Placement & Professional Development


Work Placement:

Each year, graduate students of CREATE-REACT will have the option to participate in a collaborative work placement program spending one to six months in industry/government laboratories or consulting firms, gaining experience in industry-standard Good Laboratory Practices and gaining a better understanding of the interface between research and science policy. Internships through the Mitacs Accelerate Program ( are organized in collaboration with Mitacs staff and industrial contacts.

Professional Development:

Mitacs’ Step program ( offers workshops at all four participating universities in the following key areas:

  • Basics of the Business Environment;
  • Communication;
  • Basics of Entrepreneurial Thinking;
  • Project Management.

Along with the University of Ottawa’s Altitude Program, for example, trainees of the CREATE-REACT have a vast choice of professional skills development courses. They are paired with advisors to choose appropriate workshops to fine-tune their skills in leadership, communications, project management and networking. This will better prepare them for work placement and future careers.