Evelyn Aseidu

In June, 2013 I graduated with an Honors Specialization in Chemistry from the University of Western Ontario. Prior to this I participated in a 16 month internship (May 2011- August 2012) at the National Laboratory of Environmental Testing (Environment Canada, Burlington, ON). There I worked as an environmental analyst and ran the Continuous Flow Analyzer and Turbidimeter to test for a variety of inorganic chemicals in environmental water. This experience piqued my interest in analytical environmental chemistry and drove me to seek out graduate programs where I could further my knowledge in the field. A Google search led me directly to Dr. Jonathan Martin and I am now a happy PhD student in the Martin group.

My research project focuses on monitoring persistence of a variety of organic chemicals in oil sands process affected water. 

In my free time I enjoy maintaining my fitness and go regularly to the gym and hot yoga classes. Moving to Alberta has allowed me the opportunity to explore outdoor sports in a new light. I have discovered my love for hiking and camping. Canoeing and skiing are among the activities I hope to conquer in my future.