Kristin Eccles

I obtained  an Honours B.A. in Health Studies, Geography,  and Earth Science from McMaster University.  My  honours  thesis  examined  the  health  impacts  of  high  background  radiation  in Southern India.  In  2012, I moved to Calgary to start my Masters  of GIS  at the University  of Calgary,  where  I  learned  techniques  in  GIS,  remote  sensing,  and  spatial  statistics.   After  8 months I transitioned to the MSc. in Geography program to further develop my research skills. Working  under  the  supervision  of  Dr.  Stefania  Bertazzon,  and  co­supervised  by  Dr.  Sylvia Checkley  of  Veterinary  Medicine,  I  completed  my  thesis  research  on  environmental  risk mapping  of well water  contamination,  post flood in Southern Alberta. During this time I  also worked on  air pollution modelling  and geospatial  applications in public health. I  am  currently working  with  Dr.  Laurie  Chan  using  GIS  as  a  platform  to  integrate  data  for  applications  of spatial  analyses  in  ecotoxicological  research. My  research  interests  include  GIS,  geospatial analyses, and exposure assessment.