Mosammat Khan

I have completed my MSc degree in chemistry from Memorial University of Newfoundland under supervision of Prof. Raymond A. Poirier and Prof. David W. Thompson. My research focus was determination of the photophysical properties of coordination complexes as well as computational study of spectroscopic features of these species. I have started my PhD in analytical mass spectrometry lab at the University of Ottawa, where I was involved in a project aimed on quantifying the effect of ion mobility on the internal temperature of gas-phase ions. This work is useful in analytical ion mobility applications to determine the integrity of gaseous ions for conformational changes, rearrangements and unfolding processes of small molecules to clusters, biomolecules and polymers. Currently, I have been working with Prof. Jack Cornett in a radiochemistry and environmental lab at the Advanced Research Centre (ARC), University of Ottawa. My research theme here is to develop effective analytical methods for separation of radionuclides in environmental samples.