Uttam Das

I have completed a MSc degree in chemistry at Memorial University of Newfoundland where I developed new Co(II) and Co(III) complexes of diamine-bis(phenolate) ligands for co-polymerization catalysis. Then I moved to the University of Ottawa for a PhD degree in chemistry with Professor R. Tom Baker where I designed and prepared new SNS tridentate anionic ligands and their novel iron complexes for catalytic application to selective hydroboration of aldehydes and dehydrogenation of amine-borane. Currently, I have been working with Prof. Jack Cornett in a radiochemistry and environmental lab at the University of Ottawa. My current research project is to develop a simple analytical method for quantitative separation of 135 Cs from 135 Ba for AMS measurement. This work is useful in radiochemistry and environmental science since the measurement of radiocesium activities and atomic ratio of 135 Cs/ 137 Cs is important in source identification of radioactive contamination, dispersion modeling of fission products in the environment after a nuclear accident, long-term estimation of environmental behavior of radiocesium, and development of accurate sediment geochronology.